Boiler Suit Embroidery

Boiler Suit Embroidery

Please read ALL instructions CAREFULLY before purchasing

This product is to pay for embroidery on your currently owned boiler suit.  It does not include the boiler suit.  

If you need to purchase a new boiler suit please see the boiler suit listing which includes embroidery as standard. 


Please note this is for students who already own a GREEN boiler suits and require their name and RVC logo to be added to it to meet the uniform requirements.  Years that are exempt from the colour requirements have been informed by email.


Your boiler suit must be brought to the SU Shop in Hawkshead House in a freshly laundered condition.  We will not accept boiler suits that do not meet this requirement.


You must complete and print a copy of the boiler suit embroidery form for each boiler suit.  The form will be attached to the boiler suit before sending to the embroidery company so that your boiler suit is identifiable. 


It is your responsibility to ensure you have alternative PPE for practical classes for the remained of the term.  The Shop cannot be held responsible for you not having the correct equipment whilst your boiler suits are being embroidered.