Student Staff

This page covers the positions in the SU which you can apply for, much the same as an ordinary job. These are considered paid or non-paid staff positions. There is an outline of the main tasks expected of the non-elected member, go and have a look!

These staff members are still considered as members of the SU council.


Students' Union Minibus Manager


Job roles:

  • Generally look after the minibuses owned by the Union and keep them in a well maintained, road worthy, respectable state.
  • Be responsible for the Minibus email account and ensure emails are responded to effectively and hastily.
  • Coordinate bookings by clubs & societies through out the year.
  • Arrange insurance for all the Union minibuses and for the drivers.
  • Following use, check the minibuses thoroughly for damage and filth and fine user according to rules for use of the minibuses.
  • Frequently check water, oil and tyre pressures.
  • Cordinate repairs for the vehicles when it is required.
  • Organise MOTs and frequent maintenance servicing.
  • Invoice clubs for mileage charge, the amount of which will be agreed by students' Council. This is to be done twice a year.
  • Be a member of the Students’ Council.

Applicants MUST be over 21 and have held a full UK driving licence for 3 years or more, with no accidents/claims/convictions within the last 3 years. 



Students' Union Website Manager


Job roles:

  • Be responsible for the SU website email account and ensure that emails are responded to effectively and hastily.
  • Edit the website according to the editing rules and website manual, ensuring all other editors follow these documents also.
  • Upload information within 48 hours of receipt, either personally or through a member of the website team.
  • Keep the news feeds up to date and prompt President to blog frequently.
  • Prompt relevant information from Union members for the website.
  • Ensure the correct Union executive have access to the admin pages of the website and also the Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Ensure the website is thoroughly checked for any breaches of the website editing rules. If problems found, notify President immediately.
  • Remove out of date information
  • Ensure the editors responsible for certain pages update thoroughly, correctly and within the required time stated in the website manual.
  • Be a member of the Students’ Council.

This position is a year round position and is not to be left unattended for long periods of time. The website MUST be completely up to date for Freshers’ arrivals, given that the information is provided.



SU Shop Manager and Assistants

The Shop employs a manager based in HH and several assistants based over both sites.  It is their job to help you get the equipment you need for your courses.

"SU Shop manager should be efficientpracticalorganised (at least in the work environment) reliablepunctualflexible, and driven. They need to be relatively good at communicationgood team players, and generally outgoing and friendly toward customers. Shop managers should also be able to deal with delicate situations/difficult clients tactfully and politely, while maintaining the ability to stand firm on "hard rules" associated with the job."  Liz Kolb, SU Shop Manager 2013-14



Students' Union Bar Managers


2 people in The Buttery, Hawkshead and 2 people in The Haxby, Camden.

Job Roles:

  • Keep all regular business and events related to the Bar within the licensing laws.
  • Be responsible for the Bar email account and respond to emails effectively and hastily.
  • Hire responsible staff.
  • Ensure staff members are able to fill the available shifts.
  • Notify security of who is able to collect the Bar keys, ensure they are notified following any changes to staff members.
  • Enforce the code of conduct for the bar.
  • Ensure that the staff members abide by the law and the staff code of conduct, and support the code of conduct for customers of the Bar.
  • Pay wages by cheque ONLY, and ONLY for regular staff hours, NOT managerial hours, these are paid from the main account from the treasurer.
  • Keep record of stock.
  • Maintain the Buttery Kitchen to a high standard and ensure that the Buttery Kitchen Rules of Use are strictly followed.*
  • Maintain the tills and teach all staff how to use them effectively.
  • Ensure that the Bar remains open for a reasonable amount of time per week as agreed by Students’ Council (Once opening hours are set, these must be strictly followed by staff), and that events/promotions are organised regularly.
  • Maintain an accurate thorough ledger in a state that can be audited, bank all monies promptly and be responsible for all payments and receipts.
  • Maintain an on-going VAT ledger and submit VAT when requested by Treasurer.
  • Be responsible for maintaining an acceptable level of cleanliness and hygiene and ensuring all equipment is safe and working.
  • Maintain all stock at a reasonable level and display clearly all available choices and prices.
  • Be a member of the Students’ Council.
  • Ensure that the Bar at the very least breaks even each academic session and that the bar does not run at a loss.
  • Liaise with Campus security when needed, notifying them of events or problems with customers.

(*Only for The Buttery Managers)