SU Officers


Becca Bowes

Hi everyone, I'm Becca and I'm the SU President for 2016/17! I'm a 4th year Vet Nurse and was the Vet Nursing Officer of the Student's Union last year. I'm based up at Hawkshead but I am only ever an email or text away if anyone needs anything! My role includes co-ordinating the SU team and supporting them in their roles so everyone can do the best job possible! I also have to attend lots and lots of meetings, which ensure the university and the Student's Union work smoothly together with you; the students; as the number one priority - no matter the course! The SU team are really excited this year to bring you a focused and fun Student's Union to help you all get the most out of your time at university. Together we put on events such as Christmas Ball, organise Freshers week and help with all aspects of academic and university life too. Any problems or questions, no matter how big or small, I'm happy to help!

Vice President- Representation and Communication

Jess Timmins

Hi everyone - I'm Jess and I learnt the SU ropes as representative for the Association of Veterinary Students (AVS) last year (I would highly recommend being involved with AVS in any shape or form they provide unmissable student opportunities). This year I have been inspired to take on a different role within RVC based on student engagement and representation. I want to help make every student's time at RVC unforgettable and I am really looking forward to continuing on Sam's work from last year leading and supporting our SU course reps, getting true feedback and change from the college. I am always contactable for students and looking forward to meeting 2016 Freshers so come and say hello!

Vice President- Activities and Campaigns

Carla Bleasdale 


Hello! I'm Carla, your VP Activities & Campaigns 16-17! I’m currently intercalating in Comparative Pathology and have been at the RVC for the last three years when I started my journey at vet school on the Gateway program.

It is my job to look after and encourage all sports, clubs and societies within the Union which are a vital part of life to students and will make your university experience amazing! There are a huge range of activities on offer from Clay Shooting and Hockey to Performing Arts and Zoological Society, but if that’s not enough and you feel like something is missing, set up your own!

I hope to become a familiar face to many of you; I love getting involved, meeting new people and a naughty night out!  So if you have any suggestions, ideas, criticisms or to just want a chat please stop me at any point, drop by the SU office or connect with me via email or social media.

Vice President- Welfare

Hatti Smart


 I’m Hatti Smart, your VP for Welfare. I am based at Hawkshead campus, currently intercalating in Comparative Pathology. 

Student happiness and Wellbeing in my opinion are the most important things when undertaking a course at university. A recent study by the NUS demonstrated that 78% of students faced Mental Health issues in the last year and a third of these had suicidal thoughts. A further 54% of students that experienced mental health problems said that they didn't seek help. The dangerous stigma which is still attached to mental health issues, and the prevalence of such issues within our veterinary profession is why taking on the vital role of Mental Health Awareness will be key to my work as VP welfare this year. 

As an active member of the LGBT+ community, I understand the importance of safe, friendly environments for everybody at university, regardless of their background, social status, race, gender or sexual orientation. Yoga, free fruit, mindfulness sessions and much more are all on my agenda for this coming year. If you want to know more or want to get involved, please contact me at

Vice President- Treasurer

Sherri-Anne Pegg

Hi, I’m Sherri-Anne and I’m your VP Treasurer for 2016-2017. I help with the financial side of the SU’s running, including budgeting for SU events and for teams and societies. I’m currently a 4th year vet student, but I’ve been at the RVC for many years now and have had a brilliant time here, so I’m now trying to help this year’s SU provide an amazing experience for other students.  Come and say hi!

Social Secretaries

Alice Pinhey & Tom Angel

Hey everyone! We are Tom and Alice and will be your social sec’s for this year! We are very excited and are booking some awesome events for you guys to experience, not only during freshers but throughout the year. London is an amazing place to be a student so make sure to get stuck in and we will try our hardest to ensure that you have the best time. Tom is based in Hawkshead and Alice is based in Camden, please feel free to approach us with any queries and suggestions you may have. Otherwise, we look forward to having a great year with you all!!!

IVSA Officers

Tavishi Pandya & Tom Bunn

Hi guys! welcome to RVC.  I'm Tav a BVetMed3 student and myself and Tom Bunn are your IVSA reps for this year. 

IVSA stands for International Veterinary Students association and I'm pleased to tell you that as a student at the RVC you are automatically a member. 

This year we plan to bring back the vet school exchange so if you're interested in meeting vet students around the world its something you may want to keep an eye on! were also here to help with any questions regarding travel and (AH)EMS abroad  so feel free to contact us!

SAVMA Officer

Amanda Sircy

Hi! My name is Amanda Sircy and I am your SAVMA delegate! I am a second year BVetMed student from Texas. SAVMA is the student chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (the equivalent of the BVA/RCVS) back in the states. As delegate, I am here to help anyone who is interested in working or completing a placement in North America. Even if you just want to travel for fun, I can help with that, too! SAVMA has many opportunities available for students including grants and professional development. SAVMA is for all nationalities of the RVC, not just the North Americans. Feel free to reach out and get in touch if you have any questions or interest!

Postgraduate Officers

Amy Barstow & Rán Magnúsdóttir

The Postgraduate Officers are Amy and Ran and we are your voice at the Student Union, and teaching and degree committee meetings. Amy is based at Hawkshead and Ran is based at both campuses. We will endeavour to make ourselves available in person as well as through email so that we can hear your opinions and concerns on all college matters; from café opening times to academic concerns.   
We are committed to creating a positive and friendly atmosphere within the College for all postgraduate students. We aim to do this by arranging educational and social events and doing everything in our power to respond to the changing needs of the RVC’s postgraduate student body. That said we would love for you to get involved too. If you have any ideas for social events or suggestions for educational speakers or anything else at all we can help you put these events together. 
We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy your time at the RVC.

International Officer

Erin Koperna

My name is Erin and I am the International Representative. I’m from the States, Delaware specifically, and I’ll be in my second year of BVetMed. As a representative, my job is to help new international students transition into “London life” and to be an international voice at the SU council meetings. To any prospective students, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about transitioning, moving, etc. To current students, we have some exciting things planned for this year so please contact me if you would like to get involved or have any suggestions. Don’t be a stranger. Feel free to say hi to me when you see me or email me if you want to get a coffee!

AVS Representative

Jessica Higgins

Hello everybody! I’m Jess, your 2016-17 AVS Representative. I’m about to enter BVetMed3 but I have been at the RVC for four years now as I am an ex-gateway student. My job as AVS representative is to seek opinions from you guys about matters that concern the AVS and then present any issues raised to the main committee. I am also on the AVS Sports Weekend Committee where my role is to arrange the food! Next year I will be organising transport up to Edinburgh for all you AVS Sports Weekend fanatics. For all of you that are new to the RVC you will hear a lot about the events that AVS run such as Sports Weekend and Congress. I urge you to get involved; I can promise you that one of these events will make it into your highlights of being at Vet School. If you see me about Uni, feel free to say Hello and ask me questions about AVS or any of the AVS events.

RAG Chair

Christina Paish

Hello and welcome to the RVC! I'm Christina a 3rd year Bvetmed student based in Hawkshead and your RAG chair 16-17! 

RAG will be a new concept for many of you joining this year but it stands for Raise and Give which is the charitable side of our SU. It is my job to organize and promote fundraising events and campaigns throughout the year culminating in RAG week in second term. Last years events featured many bake sales, a Haxby beer pong tournament, RAG clothing sales and of course the legendary RAG week sports night! This year keep your eyes peeled for the same trusted classics and also more non alcoholic events to involve everyone and even some joint London colleges RAG events. 

RAG is a great way to get involved in student life; all the charities we raise money for are voted for by the student body (YOU!) and I will be looking for volunteers throughout the year. If you’d like to get involved or have any suggestions please feel free to email me at