Here are your nominees for your RVCSU 2017-18 team!

Check out their manifestos below and don't forget to make your vote count when voting opens at 1pm 24th February!

SU President Nominees

Christina Paish

Hi, I’m Christina, a Bvetmed3 student and I would like to be your SU president. During my time at RVC I have jumped at all it has to offer, from competing with a sports team, to getting involved with IVSA exchange and being a part of the SU as RAG chair. I have loved organizing fundraising events like our city wide RAG raid in October and first ever jailbreak, it’s been so rewarding! I’ve worked with many amazing people and gained an insight into how the SU works and what students want from it.

My time so far at RVC has been unforgettable and I am motivated to make sure every student's is the same. I have three aims for the SU to make the RVC the best it can be:

1) Create a more inclusive SU. RVC now offers numerous courses and boasts over 35 sports and societies! I want to reach out to guarantee decisions are in the best interests of the whole college and the needs of the smallest of societies are listened to just as much as the bigger clubs.

2) Build a strong cohesive SU. This year’s successes would not have been possible without a committed team. I will remain dedicated to making sure officers communicate and work well together in order to serve and voice the student body as best as they can.

3) Better networking over campuses. I want to make the SU more transparent across both campuses by developing communications that show you what your SU team does. I plan to do this by writing monthly reports highlighting exactly what the team is doing to benefit you and your university experience.


Serena Macrae

Hi folks! I’m Serena, a G&T BVetMed student from the Highlands of Scotland.

Here at the RVC we are lucky to have students from all over the world, with different cultures, beliefs and values all together under one roof. We have scientists, vets and nurses all working hard to advance the world of medicine and save lives every day.

If elected as your next SU President I will do everything I can to make studying at the RVC a great experience for all students. Whether you are here for three years or ten, I want you to be able to look back on your time spent here as some of the best years you’ve ever had!

This year the whole SU team has done an amazing job organising fun events, improving student welfare and making sure that your voices are heard. I want to keep their good work going by working together with next year’s SU VPs and officers to make the SU even better with more events that offers every student the chance to get involved. I have a passion for helping people and would love to have the opportunity to help make changes that will improve RVC student life for all.

In the past RVC has seen its fair share of segregation between vet, nurse and science students and I strongly believe that we should continue to work to eliminate the divide between courses and campuses. It is a privilege to be able to learn from each other’s academic disciplines and is something we should embrace during our time here; as we can only benefit from it in our future careers.

My goals are to focus on increasing integration between all students on both campuses, to ensure that your views and opinions are listened to, acted upon and to keep working towards improving the student experience to make RVC the best place that it can be.


SU VP Activities and Campaigns Nominees

Meisha Micklewright

Most of you may know me as the Active Students Activator. I have worked hard for the last 18 months with students and staff to run health and fitness classes. I would love to extend the knowledge I have gained from this role and become the VP of Activities and Campaigns. In the last year, I have tripled the number of classes in HH and introduced 5 classes in Camden. I want to build on the foundations we have to deliver more of what you want.
Being President of the Riding club, a keen footballer and treasurer of Touch Rugby have allowed me to gain a first-hand insight on how passionate the RVCSU is about fitness and participation, learning lots from VPs about the role.
I played an active role in helping the new Sports Centre take shape and as such already have a working relationship with the staff.
After helping organise Varsity day last year, I would love to bring new ideas to socials, Varsity day and Fresher’s fayre. 

As VP for Activities and Campaigns, I would do my utmost to work with every club to ensure RVC has a fun, challenging and friendly extra-curricular aspect.




Molly Garbutt

Hi! My name is Molly, I’m BVetMed2, and I want to be your next Vice-President for Activities & Campaigns. I’m currently the RAG vice-chair, a keen rower, a SEVA year representative, and was on the AVS Sports Weekend Committee; having gained organisational, marketing, and communication skills from holding these roles, I am well-prepared to be an SU officer and will be an experienced, dedicated, energetic and fair VP.
My priorities will be; 
  • continuing the good relationship between sports teams and the SU, and ensuring fair distribution of funds and support across all societies;
  • creating a more diverse social and sporting calendar (including making Sports & Societies Ball bigger and better, and continuing to improve sport accessibility with Active Students);
  • setting up new events and campaigns with our neighbouring vet schools at Cambridge and Surrey, in conjunction with RAG, VP Welfare, and AVS;
  • recognising the excellence of our sports teams by showcasing their victories and efforts through SU and RVC social and digital media;
  • using my marketing experience to promote membership of academic and non-sporting societies, and encouraging the formation of non-alcoholic clubs;
  • finally, enhancing the RVC experience for all students, and giving something back to the institution that I love.


Rosie Nicholls

Hi, I’m Rosie and I’m running for VP Activities and Campaigns!

I have previously been both Captain and President of a large university sports team, I know the challenges club leaders face, and have a lot of experience with BUCS and entering BUCS competitions. Hopefully this insight will help me to make life easier for RVC sports and society leaders. 
I really encourage the formation of new RVC societies to ensure there is a club to suit every student, having run one myself I feel I am in a good position to help new clubs get off the ground. I’d also like to bring societies together with events such as Sports Day and the Sports & Socs Ball!
I love working as part of a committee and aim to be really involved in Fresher’s week, with the other SU officers, to ensure new students know about the SU and what they do for students, as well as promoting RVC societies at the Fresher’s Fairs.

PS I chose the slightly dodgy picture because it shows me doing the 2 things I do best: Activities (trampolining in this case) and Representing RVC (hoody). And also it’s funny and makes my legs look even shorter than they actually are.

I can’t wait to be a part of the Students’ Union… but first I need your vote!

SU VP Representations and Communications Nominees

Charlotte Mahood

I am standing to be VP of Representation and Communication with a proven track record in representing the views of RVC students and delivering change. As the student learning technician and one of the course reps on the BVetMed Accelerated programme I have attended meetings with management and relayed course feedback, liaised with eMedia to improve the Learn environment, and have gained an intricate understanding of the strengths and areas for improvement in RVC’s apparatus for communicating with students. More recently I organised student testimonials from my year group protesting the putative fee increase that TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) would introduce for self-funded students. I raised these concerns at the forum with David Church to demonstrate the impact that an increase in tuition fees would have for both self-funded students and those receiving government loans.

As VP of Representation and Communication I want to improve student engagement with the SU on all levels. By working with the student-body itself I want more transparency about the inner workings of the RVC SU so students know who to contact to raise issues with and engage with us on issues they feel are important. To this end, I want to allocate some of my budget as VP for extra printer credits for students that participate in surveys and campaigns, and other incentives to improve student engagement. In addition, I want to work with the course reps to deliver the change that matters to the student body, and emphasise the importance of liaising with RVC staff on fundamental issues such as TEF. Finally, I want to continue Jess’s excellent work with the SU, to ensure the continued distribution of free RVC SU merchandise at fresher's week, and to improve the recruitment and training of course reps who will do an outstanding job of speaking up for their year groups.


Ellen Taylor

My name is Ellen and I am currently in second year and an ex-gateway student. I have put myself forward for the position of VP Representation and Communications as I would like to get more involved with the student representative system and the students union. For the past 3 years, I have been a student rep for the Gateway, Bvetmed 1 and Bvetmed 2 years and believe I could use this experience in the role of VP. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting involved with the rep system and have found the system to be rewarding when it is possible to achieve positive results from any feedback given, both positive and negative.

I would like to ensure that the student rep system reaches its full potential in allowing a complete loop of feedback for both students and staff and increase the opportunities for successful feedback sessions for all courses. I also believe the student rep system can be developed to allow a better understanding for all students and staff on how to use the system as an important asset.

As well as student rep for 3 years, this year I had a role within fresher’s week as a freshers angel, supporting new first years in their transition to university life and I believe I was friendly and approachable which I think would be an important in the role of an SU Officer.

The most important changes can occur as a result of strong communication within the student body across all courses and I believe we can improve this in order to make life at the RVC as positive and enjoyable as possible!

I really enjoy working with people, and I work well in a team. However, most importantly I’m very passionate about ensuring every student receives the best experience they possibly can on their respective courses. 

The RVC has provided so many opportunities for me thus far, and I feel I’ve really benefitted from them. I would love to give something back to the college, and get involved even more with the SU, so that I can help create even more opportunities for other students.


Laura Evans

Hi everyone! My name is Laura and I'm running to be the Vice President for Representation and Communications.

Having been an SU Course Representative this year, I have enjoyed being involved in the inner-workings of the RVC, attending the various committee meetings and helping make beneficial changes to my course and the university as a whole. I'd love to take more of an active role in managing the Course Rep system, and being VP would give me the opportunity to continue the great work done by Jess this year, as well as bringing in my own ideas and suggestions. Ideally, I would like to help the Course Reps make the changes that students want, as I know that currently it can sometimes seem like a bit of a dead end. I would also like to continue Jess’ work in developing training opportunities for Course Reps to ensure everyone is fully prepared for their role.

I’d also love to work alongside the President, VPs and other SU members to ensure that all students get access to great teaching, facilities, and events to improve the ‘RVC experience’. As a current third year student I have experienced a lot that the uni has to offer, but think there is definitely room for improvement! It is a priority for me to improve communication between staff and students to ensure that any issues can be quickly identified and dealt with, and ensure that everyone’s time here is as enjoyable as possible.

Thanks for your consideration!


Rhian Jefferys

Hi! I’m Rhian and I am a third-year Bvetmed from Swansea, who was very lucky to come through the gateway programme!

You may know me from working in the Buttery, as a student ambassador, or from “Wind Down Wednesdays” as part of my role in the SU Welfare subcommittee.

I’m running for Reps and Comms because I love the RVC and feel that we’re unique in how well we listen to our students, but recent events such as the nationwide fee rise highlights how important it is to constantly strive for representation of the student body.

Working with SU Welfare and receiving wellbeing training has taught me how to listen to the concerns of students and relay this to the right people, whilst working as an ambassador I get to hear the worries of prospective students about coming to uni, reminding me what students really want out of university.

Equally important aspects of the role are to assist in the smooth running of the SU and to ensure all information is communicated back to you quickly and in ways that are accessible to you, so that you are kept in the loop.  I wish to also encourage more participation from students in voting turnout and online feedback, as your views allow you to shape your own experience here at RVC.

Your course reps are vital in making sure your opinions are heard and I wish to continue high-quality training so that they are prepared for every eventuality and gain good leadership and employability skills.  

If you have any questions, or want to chat, feel free to stop me in the corridor, or come find me in Buttery or at “Wind Down Wednesdays”

SU VP Welfare Nominee

Hatti Smart

Hatti Smart:  Netflix addict, cheese enthusiast, loud and proud activist and lover of cacti


In the role of VP welfare for 2016-17 we made some great achievements and progression together as a student body. The foundations I have laid this year and the experience I have acquired from campaigning for the student voice will only make next year’s aims more achievable. If I am re-elected as your Welfare Officer I aim to:


  • Collaborate further with the RCVS Mind Matters Initiative, in order to continue providing the resources available around mental health, increasing education and promoting discussion – something I have a real passion for
  • Continue with Wind-Down Wednesdays at both campuses, allowing an invaluable space for peer support
  • Bring puppies parties to both campuses, hopefully in association with the Guide Dogs Trust so we can further our charity work whilst cuddling puppies – a win-win situation!
  • Relaunch our #itsOK welfare campaign, encouraging further destigmatization of Mental Health. This campaign was launched in November 2016 and has already received a reach of 9k people and 30k post clicks on Facebook!
  • Set up an annual student awards initiative that recognises good samaritans at the RVC that would otherwise go un-thanked throughout the year. This scheme would be student-nominated and offer a little ‘thank you’ to the wonderfully supportive students we have here.
  • Plan more day trips to the seaside, health walks and afternoons at trampoline parks to de-stress and provide some space for all important ‘down-time’
  • Provide more alcohol-free events, particularly during Freshers’ week, including another theatre trip and Macmillan coffee morning; our last raised a whopping £504.16 at Hawkshead alone!
  • Continue providing yoga, laughter yoga, meditation and massage sessions across both campuses
  • Increase the accessibility of condoms, dental dams and chlamydia tests to promote safe sexual health
  • Continue my commitment to promoting equality and diversity through celebrating events such as LGBT+ History Month, collaborating with non-profit organisations such as National Student Pride and the BVLGBT+
  • Tackle important issues such as increasing student fees, debt, stress levels and unrealistic expectations imposed upon students
  • Continue offering free fruit and vegetables to promote healthy eating and little pick me ups on days like Blue Monday
  • Further explore the opportunity of providing Mental Health First Aid and Human First Aid courses to students


SU VP Treasurer Nominees

Daniel Baines

During my time at RVC I have been a member of a sports team, several societies and have held a part time job to support my studies.Being a member of sports and societies has involved me a lot in RVC life but hearing about SU work from fellow students has revealed howrewarding it can be, so much so that I would also like to play a part in changes to the daily organisation of RVC and give something back.
Working part time as a manager has taught me how to effectively communicate with teams and great organisational skills. Managementbudget sheets have given me a taster of the job in hand. My eye for detail and methodical approach will be vital to take on this responsibilityand ensure all groups and individuals can be heard by the SU and university on money matters.
As VP treasurer I would want to make the role as beneficial to every student in the following ways:
1) The role needs to be more visible and flexible to students with the chance for everyone to approach and discuss any concerns.
2) Publish money advice booklets every term for new students with input across older years so that students have the ability to get fullyengrossed in all aspects of life at RVC
3) Set up regular face to face meetings with sports and societies to voice any opinions about how money may be better managed from theSU, the societies and the SU facilities with the long term goal of improving money management throughout RVC and creating a united SUacross all departments.



Fraser Hudson

Hi, my name is Fraser and I am running for the position of treasurer. Next year will be my 5th year at this university. I’ve completed a degree in Bioveterinary Sciences and now have moved onto G&T. Having done two different courses here at the RVC makes me confident I will be able to fully represent the interests of the whole student body on the student council.

I’ve held a senior position on the committee of the boat club for the past three years. Over that time I have developed a very good understanding of the financial relationship the clubs and societies have with the SU and aim to ensure that the allocated funding is shared so everyone can get the most from their chosen sports and societies.

As treasurer I’ll oversee the financial aspects of social events as well as the Haxby and Buttery accounts. I will make sure that the events and bars continue to have well organised and structured budgets so that everyone can enjoy these facilities and the events put on by the students’ union.

I’m very enthusiastic about taking this position on and I would really appreciate the opportunity, I hope that I can gain the support of everyone in order to do so.

Sherri-Anne Pegg

Hi, I’m Sherri-Anne and I’m standing to be re-elected as Vice President Treasurer. I'm currently a 4th Year BVetMed student, but I’ve been at RVC since 2010 and want to continue in my role within the Student’s Union to ensure other students get the same wonderful experiences of the RVC as I have had. I believe that to make our Student’s Union as strong as it can be each person in the team should play to their strengths, and mine is numbers. I made a record amount available for student clubs and societies this year, and if re-elected I will strive to make even more available next year.

Since joining the RVC I spent a year as an SU rep for my intercalated Comparative Pathology course and have been an active member of the Women’s Football team for 6 years; continually helping in its running by holding committee positions - previously as captain and more recently as treasurer, before becoming VP Treasurer in 2016-2017. I feel there would be a huge benefit to the Students Union as a whole to increase continuity into the new academic year, especially in this role where there are many new skills to learn. I also helped set up, and spent many hours perfecting, the SU subs online payment system in response to the demands from club treasurers and pledge to continue listening to what the student’s want from the SU for another year, should I be given the opportunity to continue in my role.

As well as a year’s experience as the SU treasurer, I also have experience in accounting for local businesses near my home and have budgeted for large events involving thousands of people, so I already have the skills to budget large sums of money in order to allow each club and society and the SU as a whole to run smoothly throughout the year, and the necessary skills for the budgeting, payments and record-keeping required to be successful as treasurer. Having set up a system to move our accounts process online, I am fully confident that I can continue with both rotations and my role as the Treasurer of the Students Union as I have this term.

Please vote Sherri-Anne for Treasurer!

Postgraduate Officer Nominees

Ran Magnusdottir & Lucy Bourne

Ran- I have been Postgraduate Officer for the last year with Amy, who is stepping down. I have had a great time representing postgraduates for the last year, building a postgraduate society and advancing important matters throughout the college. I’m currently in my second year of a PhD and have so many more things I want to do so I’m running again. I’m Icelandic and did my Master’s at UCL so I have faced many of the challenges of being an international student and doing both a research and taught degree in the UK.

Lucie- If you haven’t seen me running around Camden doing lab work, then you may have seen me running around a hockey pitch with the ladies 1st team. I’m currently in the 1st year of my PhD, after completing a BSc Bioveterinary Sciences degree from RVC last year, and I’ve decided it’s about time I give back to the college.

We are both aware of the challenges faced by postgraduates and the daunting tasks that a new scientist has to overcome. It is important to us to ensure that we provide support for all postgraduates at the RVC, regardless of study mode, degree or campus. To do this, we will continue with catch-ups and events, both socially, as a platform for discussing any issues and will be pressing for more academic support and talks aimed at postgraduates. We also want to work on making SU events and sports more approachable to postgraduate students and have worked on an Equality and Diversity policy with the SU this year. We are passionate about increasing writing support, teaching courses for students who teach or supervise students and making the postgraduate experience as good as it can possibly be.

Environmental Officer Nominees

Dylan Yaffy & Gorprit Singh

In recent years a spotlight has been shone on climate change and the increasing impact of human activity on the environment. As such, we strongly believe that it’s time the RVC, as a leading world-class veterinary university, prioritizes this movement towards a sustainable and environmentally aware future. Together, (Dylan Yaffy and Gorprit Singh), we are running to represent the student body as your environment officers. With an undergraduate in environmental science and ambitions to contribute to the field of conservation biology, Dylan will bring forth his vision and previous experiences gained from being an active member at a university where sustainability was a norm from the ground up. Gorprit will bring his business background knowledge and skills to present ideas in a way that is attractive, and cost-effective for the university, so that our targets and long-term goals are not only feasible but also attained.

In the long term, we would like to see the RVC striving to be recognized on an international level for its commitment to environmental sustainability. This recognition can come in many forms, such as the Green Apple Environment Award for Educational Establishments. We understand that this may not be attainable within the year, but by putting forth a set of targets towards this goal, we would like to steer the RVC in the right direction. Initially, we hope to create an environmental society at the RVC, which would ensure that all students could be active members of this push towards sustainability. Other targets include continuing with current environmental projects, such as the Farmers Market, as well as, bringing to attention other proposals such as, on campus composting, recycling, and food waste schemes. In addition, making the staff and student body aware of the various effortless changes that will have a substantial cumulative impact on the university's carbon footprint.

We also believe that with further collaboration between SU officers, the role of the environment officer can be extended to include improving the overall learning environment for students through various initiatives, for example including more plants within and around building complexes to brighten up the campuses.

As current SU Course Reps, we understand the importance of a clear channel of communication between the student body, SU and the environmental committee, so that any new ideas or opinions on existing ones can be included in our progress ladder to reach our end goal. This is the just the surface, we have multiple other ideas which we are looking forward to sharing

International Officer Nominee

Kipling Pederson

Hey all,
Here’s a bit about me. I graduated from Montana State University with a BS in Organismal Biology during which I completed three terms on exchange (Morocco, Thailand, and here at the RVC), so I understand firsthand the challenges of being a new student, at a new school, in a foreign country.

RVC is without a doubt the most internationally diverse vet school out there, and is a big part of why I chose to come here. Our international community brings so much to the table, and it’s my goal to give back to the community that first welcomed me by serving as the international officer and offering support to other new students.

As far as qualifications are concerned, I was elected president of my dorm, worked as an innkeeper at a b&b, and *most notably* my tutorial group recently voted me, “Least Likely to Show Up for a Thursday DL.” When it comes to the international orientation week there are several changes I would like to see made in order to better set up incoming students for success. Finally, as a naturally outgoing and friendly person, I have the interpersonal skills to facilitate the integration of international students into our larger RVC community.

I’m an American (I know we can’t all be perfect) who thoroughly enjoys Britain’s vibrant culture; I would love to act as the liaison for other international students, translating bizarre British habits such as when to queue, when to add a ‘u’, and how to pronounce Worcestershire.

If you have any further questions about my ability to perform the duties of international officer you can find a link to my CV here


RAG Officer Nominee

Hayley Edwards

Hi my name is Hayley and I am running for the position of ‘RAG Officer’.  My main aim is to help societies and groups of students to get the most out of fundraising – benefitting great charities and the students alike. This year, Christina has done an amazing job at raising awareness of RAG by bringing in new and fun ideas to get people involved in charity, which has inspired me to take on the role and continue her wonderful work!

Previously I have been involved in raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital in a 100 kilometer row down the Thames with the Boat Club. This was an incredibly rewarding experience and has given me the drive to get more involved with charity!
If successful I would like to create a small committee involving people from different years so we can share ideas, raise awareness and involvement of RAG amongst all students at the RVC. I would also like to get more societies directly involved with RAG by adding a competitive twist between the different clubs to see who can raise the most money!

Ultimately raising money is often a great excuse to have loads of fun doing things that otherwise would raise an eyebrow or two, and that’s why I would love the opportunity to be your RAG officer so please vote for me!

AVS Representative Nominee

Carla Bleasdale

Hello!! I am in my fourth year here, as an ex-gateway student currently intercalating between BVetMed 2 and 3. 

I hope to be a familiar face to many of you who know me as the current VP Activities and Campaigns. Over the past few years I have also been one of the Camden Reps for FACC, social sec for RVCHC and part of the AVS London Sports weekend committee. Getting involved with organising Sports Weekend was a great pleasure for me having attended every Sports Weekend since I was a fresher!

I also recently attended my first AVS congress in Cambridge. I am keen to become an AVS rep, as I am very passionate about the work the AVS does and want to see as many students as possible benefit from this! If successful in this election, I will be the AVS Senior Rep when RVC host AVS Congress in 2019. From sitting on both a sports team and the AVS Sports Weekend committees, and as a VP this year, I have gained a lot of experience in organisation and representing students and have a strong understanding of AVS’ major events. This along with my enthusiasm puts me in a great position to be your AVS Rep.

IVSA Representative Nominees

Jordon Egan

I am currently in my fourth year, having completed Gateway, BVetMed 1 and BVetMed 2, I chose to intercalate in BioVeterinary Science.

Before attending the annual 65th International Vet Students Association Congress in Vienna last July, I was completely naïve as to what I had been missing all this time. Being one of the biggest congresses IVSA have managed to host with nearly 300 delegates who came from over 35 different countries, it was quite simply an incredible experience. It was fascinating to learn of the magnitude of IVSA and what they achieve as a global association. I am very passionate about the work IVSA do and would love to get myself more involved.

Even though I were unable to make it to North Carolina, I kept up-to-date via Twitch with policies at the General Assembly, including voting of the new President Elect and 2018’s Congress destination.

Working closely alongside Tavishi this year, I have been able to share my experience and understanding of IVSA. Furthermore, I wrote an article about IVSA in the JAVS Autumn 2016 issue and a separate scholarship article for European vet students in an upcoming issue of the Vet Record - Careers.

The 10 days at Congress enabled amazing networking, building friendships directly with the current IVSA President and IVSA ExCo. Therefore, if I am fortunate to be elected for this role, I will be able to utilize the great connections I have made to ensure RVC are up-to-date with the most recent happenings and have every opportunity to get involved with IVSA.

In this role, I aim to:

  • Collaborate with the senior IVSA rep to organise a group exchange trip abroad to another vet school next Autumn, and help with individual exchanges.
  • Promote the work, events and opportunities of IVSA such as internships, externships, EMS abroad and erasmus opportunities.
  • Raise awareness of funding opportunities for students.
  • Maintain communications on a regular basis with IVSA Global Executive Committee (ExCo) and IVSA UK & Ireland subcommittee of AVS.
  • Attend the IVSA AGM at a UK vet school.


Meg Rawlins

Hey- I am a BVetMed 3 student currently living in Potters Bar!

I am very passionate about promoting international relations between vet universities and think that we should all have the opportunity to work, research and do EMS/AHEMS abroad. Working alongside the senior IVSA representative, I would help to do this by helping organise an exchange and promote the opportunity to do EMS/AHEMS abroad.

I am currently on the IVSA Animal Welfare committee- meaning that I already have ties to the IVSA and other veterinary schools and students worldwide which I would love to use to benefit the students at the RVC. I am also the Global Health president so have had experience organising events and working with amazing students at the RVC.

I promise to work as hard as possible so that you all are informed as possible about international opportunities and help to organise a great exchange to follow on from last year’s successful one!


Vet Nurse Liaison Officer Nominee

Tia Barlow

Hello, my name is Tia Barlow. I am a first-year veterinary nursing student, running for Veterinary Nursing Liaison Officer this year. If I could describe myself using three objects I would say; food, furry friends and fantastic eyebrows.

As a student, I think it is very important that our time at university should be one of the greatest times in our lives. To be able to ensure we can have the best experience, our voices and opinions on certain issues and situations need to be heard. By having somebody to voice those opinions for us, makes it a whole lot easier. That person should be able to listen to their fellows, be relatable, and want to make changes that will benefit the community and not just an individual. I feel, that person is me. As a previous Head Girl, I honed in on my ability to connect with my peers, in order for them to feel like I would actually listen to them. This experience also further developed my communication skills so I became better at consolidating their concerns, and was able to present them to the Senior Leadership Team, in a way they would comprehend. The position would allow me the opportunity to ensure the welfares of the veterinary nurses were well spoken for and would enable me to progress the integration of veterinary nursing students with other students of the RVC.