Internal Mail

Did you know we have internal mail? 

You can post things between the 2 campuses! Read below to find out the finer details on how to do this...

You can also address internal mail to executive members like this: SU PRESIDENT - HAWKSHEAD. This will find its way to the executives pigeon hole.


Hawkshead Post Room:

Opening hours – Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Situated on the East side of the clinical block. White double doors, up small ramp.

Student pigeon holes are located in Hawkshead House, ground floor. These are labelled alphabetically A-Z and mail is sorted by surname and they are for general mail only, both internal and external. You can see what they look like on the right.

Any items that are packets, boxes, Special or Recorded deliveries or items containing cash, will not be placed in the pigeonholes. These items must be collected from the Post room and signed for. You will receive an email if you have something to collect.
Students living on campus please ensure that you have your mail addressed correctly. This Includes which accommodation you are staying in, for example, Odiham Hall, College Close, or Student Village. The Student Village post should be addressed clearly, stating Pavilion and flat number, e.g. Pav A, flat 1.

Royal Mail deliver separately to College Close, but due to the size of the mail boxes, anything larger than a large letter will be delivered to the RVC HH Postroom. This includes courier deliveries, or items that need signing for.
Internal mail is delivered daily between Hawkshead and Camden Campuses. The mail to Camden is normally collected at approximately 11am depending upon traffic. If you wish to send an item to Camden, please ensure it is in the post room by 10.30am.
For any large items that need to go to Camden, there is an Estates department van that normally goes to Camden once every Tuesday. Please contact Campus Services if you wish to use this service.
To prevent any delay to the delivery of internal or external mail, please assist the post rooms by supplying sufficient information. To include not only the name, but also location, department or job title of the addressee.


Camden Post Room:

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 6am to 5pm.

Situated on the basement floor to the left of the canteen main entrance.

Resident Students [on campus]:

You have your own numbered pigeon holes in basement next to the canteen. Letters and small parcels will fit in there, however, if it is anything larger we will put a receipt in the pigeon hole to come and collect from the post room.

Non-resident Students:

You also have pigeon holes, again in the basement, opposite lightwell (metal rack), letters will be sorted alphabetically by surname. Any large parcels or boxes that will not fit will have a receipt left for collection from the post room. You cannot recieve a parcel unless you present your receipt and a form of photo ID. Clothes that are from ACT will be kept in the post room for collection.

Internal mail coming from HH will arrive in CT at about 11:20 (traffic dependant) and will then be distributed around college that afternoon.