Hawkshead Gym

Hawkshead gym is a brand new facility on offer to all students and staff completely free of charge! All that is required is attendance at an induction session and RVC cards will be automatically updated to allow access.

Opening hours

Everyday: 07:30 – 22:00


• 3 Rowing machines
• 3 Treadmills
• 3 Cross-trainers
• 2 bikes
• Free Weights (up to 20kg dumbbells)
• Olympic Bench press
• Chest press/ incline press/ shoulder press machine
• Cable multi gym machine (multiple attachments)
• Shoulder and back cable weight machine (multiple attachments)
• Free area with rubber mats, stability balls, kick boxing pads.
• 4 individual shower cubicles, mirrors, 2 hair dryers.
• Sound system and TV (to be installed soon!)