Global Health Society

Global Health Society

Who we are and what we do

RVC Global Health Society is a group for anyone with an interest or curiosity in the diverse world of Global Health. 
We are a new society as we began in 2015 and are always looking to increase student access to the world of international health and development through talks, debates, overseas placements and research projects, in conjunction with the RVC branch of the IVSA.
We hope to build a platform for students across all disciplines (Vets, Medics, Social Sciences etc.) to come together to discuss and learn more about one of the most important issues of our time. We are an official branch of Medsin, a student network and registered charity focused on health inequalities throughout the world through education, advocacy and community action.

We have a large symposium annually in the middle of the first term (October) which each year has a theme (Neglect in 2015, Disaster Response in 2016) where we try to bring together experts and students through a series of talks, discussions and over light food. 

How to get involved! 

Membership is £5 for a whole year and we are always keen for people to get involved. 
If you have any questions or are after more information find us on Facebook, Twitter or email us