Farm Animal Clinical Club

Welcome to the FACC page!

We aim to promote all things Farm Animal Medicine related and support YOU the farm vets of the future...

Founded in 2003 by Louisa White with a mere 6 members, the FACC has grown to become the largest and most popular student club at the RVC with over 300 members!

The club is also the UK’s first student society to have its own herd of Aberdeen Angus

Club members are responsible for the day to day running of the herd and sprucing them up for the Hertfordshire Show

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Below is a selection of some of our events:

  • The FACC Symposium – a day of farm related talks and workshops
  • Lambing workshop – for first and second years to get stuck in and learn some handy lambing experience before Easter AHEMS
  • AI workshop – an opportunity to practice rectalling, AI, scanning and learn about bovine reproduction and all things cow
  • Foot trimming and lameness workshop – practice your cow pedicures
  • Cow, sheep and poultry handing sessions – practice your ewe tipping, cow haltering and turkey slaughtering!
  • Practice ISF sessions – Run by second years to help first years get a head start for their all-important ISF exams

And lots more! All events are free for members, so come and join the club and get involved!



Evie – One of our founding cows, mum of Flo and Monty

Flo – Evie’s daughter, she is a calm cow

Pintpot – A greedy crossbreed heifer who will lick you to death!

Isla - An Angus-cross heifer from Boltons Park Farm - stubborn but lovely!

Buttercup – Pintpot's calf, playful and clumsy, she likes to be in the middle of things

Montgomery – AKA Monty, a pedigree Angus bull, lives at Boltons Park Farm