Animal Welfare Society




We are passionate about animal welfare, afterall that is why we are here!  This society was set up in honour of Professor Neville Gregory to help promote and explore the ideas around animal welfare but also ethics and law.

Almost every month there will be a guest speaker coming in to talk about a key issue for an hour and this will be followed by a heated debate.  There will then be food and drink in the Buttery afterwards to continue the discussion.  We have lots of things planned and a calendar will be available soon so that people can check out the events.

Primary Aims:

1) To increase the awareness of veterinary students with regards to animal welfare concerns of interest to vets and

2) To use the increased awareness of veterinary students and lobby a voice of the student body to professional governing bodies to attempt to implement changes.


Further Aims:

  1. To understand the responsibility that veterinary students hold as the future of the veterinary profession in particular with reference to animal welfare codes of conduct.
  2. To bring veterinary students from other UK veterinary universities together for a common purpose of discussing, evaluating and attempting to improve animal welfare.


If you want to take part in any event or get involved with the organising, please contact