Congratulations on obtaining your place at the RVC.  We look forward to welcoming you very soon.  
There are a few things you are going to need but the good news is we sell them here at the SU Shop.  There is a lot of information here but please take time to read it carefully as it contains everything you need to know about placing your equipment order.  Unfortunately, as we are run entirely by RVC students, we are busy with rotations or away on placements over the summer so replying to emails can become quite tricky.  As a result, we will prioritise questions that are not addressed in this email or on the website, we appreciate your understanding in this matter.


We have added some special discounts exclusively for Freshers.  Please ensure you place your order online before 12th September to qualify.


The Shop operates via the SU website with all orders being placed online and then collected from your nearest campus.  In the case of Freshers orders, we will take them to the Freshers Fair for collection.
Please remember to use your own name and email when ordering not your parent's or we won't be able to get your order to you.


Students on all courses will require at least one labcoat.  You will need a labcoat in your first week or two so please ensure you either bring one with you or order one here.  Failure to order before the 12th September may mean we cannot get a loabcoat to you in time for your practicals.  


Nursing Students
We stock nursing uniforms with a couple of options to choose from.  There will be an opportunity to try on for size before you buy so there is no need to pre-order if you would prefer to wait.  If you do order the wrong size, however, we are happy to exchange your unworn uniform for a more suitable size as there is no custom embroidery on these.  We offer a small discount if you buy three or more tunics at the same time.


Additional equipment for BVetMed, Graduate (Accelerated) BVetMed, and Gateway students
You are advised to have two labcoats, one for messy dissections and another for Teaching Laboratory practicals, tutorials around the live animals in the Demonstration Theatre, and practical exams. 
You require protective clothing and appropriate footwear for Animal Stewardship sessions (grooming the cows and ponies in the morning before lectures). In the course of the year everybody has a week where they are required to do this - some students will do this before Christmas, and so require this protective gear soon – ideally boiler suits (but clean labcoats will do if your boiler suit has not yet arrived), and wellies
You will need at least one (ideally two) boilersuit embroidered with the RVC logo and your name.  As these are custom order and therefore cannot be returned.  You will be able to try them on for size at the Fresher's fair but in order to allow you to order before the start of term and take advantage of our Freshers deals, we have created a pre-order boiler suit item which you can purchase now.  You must then visit us at the Freshers fair to be fitted so we send your order to our supplier with the correct sizing.  
I realise January seems a long time away but you must order at least one boiler suit this term or we cannot guarantee you will have one for your practical classes.  In previous years, students that have not had the correct equipment have not been able to take part in practicals.  
You will also require waterproofs for these animal handling classes as well as for your easter lambing placements.  These can be ordered online now to be collected at Freshers if you wish.
We also stock steel toe wellies, which are recommended for some placements and practicals.  In previous years they have not been compulsory for animal handling practicals but some students choose to use them.   These can also be ordered online now to be collected at Freshers if you wish (please note they come up very big so order a size smaller than you usually wear).

 Freshers Bundle now available!

Please not all photographs are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect the exact product available at any given time.