Important information

October 03, 2016 Cat Hylton

Freshers Pre-Orders
Orders left after the Freshers Fair are currently in Camden.  A few of the more recently placed orders are awaiting packing in Hawkshead and will be with you in around a week.  Once your order is in Camden you will be informed of how and when to collect it.
Boiler Suits
Embroidered boiler suits are compulsory for all students on a veterinary courses (BVetMed, Gateway, Accelerated).  You should already have placed your boiler suit order.  We will be sending round a full list of all orders over the next few days so you can check all your details.  If you still need to place an order you MUST do it NOW - failure to do so will result in you not having the proper equipment for your animal handling classes after Christmas which will mean you will not be allowed to take part.
If you need to place an order for any additional equipment please use our website.  The Shop operates a collection point at Camden.  We have the majority of items available in Camden for you to try on before placing an online order.  Whilst we will try to make ourselves available in Camden in the near future we are still extremely busy so you may find it easier and quicker to ask your friends and housemates who have already received their orders if you can try on their kit.
We will be happy to exchange any non-embroidered items you have ordered that do not fit correctly as long as they are unworn.  This is now processed electronically to reduce errors so please go to the Shop FAQ section of the website and use the exchange form to place your request.  You will then need to print off the confirmation and include it in the package with your return.  Please note when using the exchange form you will need to include the hashtag in your order number.  
If you are wanting to exchange a labcoat, please carefully consider whether you can manage with the one you ordered as we will not be able to organise an exchange before you need it for the first time and we cannot exchange it once worn.  In most cases, having an oversized labcoat will work to your advantage as it will offer more protection.  Most do have quite long sleeves so getting a smaller size if unlikely to change the fact that you will have to fold them back.  It may also be possible to arrange exchanges with other students so ask around or use the Intranet/Freshers Facebook groups to try and find somebody to swap with before contacting us for an exchange.
A full equipment list for all courses is available on our website.  We liaise directly with the senior teaching staff regarding equipment so this is the definitive source of information on what you need and when - any other sources of information may not be accurate.
Kind Regards,
SU Shop Manager