General Information and Instructions

October 11, 2016 Cat Hylton

Opening Hours
open during term time 
Monday and Friday 1-2pm
Tuesday and Thursday 5-6.30pm
Collection point only!  We have no Shop staff in Camden so the people in the office cannot answer queries or resolve issues you must email us at this address.
Tue: 11am-2pm

Wed 9am-1pm
If there are exceptional circumstances that result in us having to close the Shop on either site during the advertised opening hours we will leave a note on the door and endeavour to post of Facebook that there has been a change of plans
There seems to have been some confusion regarding exchanges.  The process is very simple.  You MUST fill out the online form which can be found under the Shop FAQ tab of the SU website.  For those that purchased Freshers Bundles, the individual items will not display so just use the comment field to state what you would like to exchange and what you would like in return.  The form must be printed off (so we know who you are and what you want) and the items for exchange returned to the Shop in HH (via internal mail if you are based in Camden).  We will then process your exchange and return it to you as quickly as possible - sometimes there may be a slight delay if the size you require is out of stock - we will inform you if this is the case.
Out of Stock Items
We apologise that several items are currently out of stock on the website - Freshers is a very busy time of year for us and for several of our suppliers and regrettably this results in delays getting some stock in.  Everything that is out of stock has been ordered and will be made available for purchase as soon as it arrives.  Please be patient - hopefully the delay will be minimal and nobody will be disadvantaged as a result
Embroidered Boiler Suit
These have been ordered from our supplier.  We have asked for them to be delivered before the end of term but with 600 ordered this year this may not be possible.  Freshers please do not worry - you will have them for your practical classes in January.
Embroidered Polo Shirts
We are aware there were a few issues with the list sent round for checking with the boiler suits.  We prioritised the boiler suits as these are an absolute course requirement.  A revised polo shirt list will be sent round later this week.  They are ordered from the same supplier as the boiler suits so again may not be delivered until January owing to the huge volume of orders we need to place.
These are ordered periodically as soon as we have enough orders to fulfil our minimum quota this does slightly increase the time it takes to get them to you but ultimately reduces the cost.  Additionally some models take longer to arrive than others.  If you are waiting for a stethoscope from the start of term, we have not forgotten you and will let you know as soon as your stethoscope arrives.